Forage and Fabric: A Day of Natural Exploration

We had the most glorious day to have our workshop!  Roseanne took us to Fairy Lake to teach us about foraging for edibles and we also gathered material to dye with.  Sorry there are so many photos but it was so exciting and fun!  Roseann played music while we prepped fabric for dyeing after a shared lunch in my back yard.  The last photo is Roseanne’s “favourite” (not).  It’s a piece I’d put in a container some time ago to dye with compost and it was “ripe” by the time I took it out on Sunday! (but quite lovely – and who knew that all that old peach compost would make such great colour!).  The rest of the photos are of first time eco printers and their work is stunning! And I had the added blessing of having my two sisters stay with me and take the workshop (it’s easy to tell which ones are my sisters!).  Thanks to everyone who attended and made it such a successful and fun day.

ff workshop 3ff workshop 1   ff workshop 4 ff workshop 5 ff workshop 6ff workshop 7ff workshop 2   ff workshop 9 ff workshop 10 ff workshop 11  ff workshop 13 ff workshop 17ff workshop 8ff workshop 19ff workshop 12ff workshop 14 ff workshop 15 ff workshop 16    ff workshop 20   ff workshop 22ff workshop 23ff workshop 21ff workshop 24ff workshop 25ff workshop 18


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