little boy blue

newborn booties


5 thoughts on “little boy blue

      • Sounds Great! Also,for your Aug.11th workshop, may I just take the afternoon class ( I am already a felter, ),
        or do I need to take both morning and afternoon? Would I be able to make a pillbox type hat in the afternoon? Not certain if I can clear my calendar for that date,but would like the info if I can, many thanks. Debbe

      • Hi Debbe,
        You certainly can take just the afternoon class, would love to have you! You could make a pill box hat in the afternoon since you’re already a felter and could easily finish it in the allotted time. I don’t have a hat form for a pill box so you’d have to come up with something that you could put the hat on to shape it into a pillbox like an old pot or something. I’ll see if I can find something here and let you know.
        hope to see you
        ps am open to having you come to my home and “playing” too. I have a friend who does day long workshops where you can learn whatever you want that day.

      • That sounds wonderful!Thank you for the invitation…. I am near Orillia and will travel almost anywhere for felting,lol! I will see what I can find as a hat form..will keep in touch. I am enjoying Nuno felting, making flowers, mitts, booties, felt is such fun!

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